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Scorpio Moon (Debilitated Moon)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

A debilitated moon is a moon that is uncomfortable. Finding your cozy and your "comfortable in my skin" is tough. But walking towards what makes you uncomforatble is the paradox. When we walk towards what makes us uncomfortable, we start to find what we were looking for all along. Compassion for self, our heart, and our safe place.

Additionally, your relationship with your mother and your comfort will feel shallow, superficial, and hard to keep. It may feel like as soon as you have found comfort, it is taken away from you. This may lead you to be suspicious about anything that feels good or comfortable. You will more than likely run away from the things that are good for you, and run towards the things that make you nervous, cause anxiety/worry, or are not good for your mental peace.

The moon in Scorpio is in shallow waters with little mounds. This means that your emotional reaction may seem volatile, explosive, and mean to others. You might act before you think. Work on developing responding vs reacting. Meditation and mindfulness can help you develop responding appropriately to inconveniences, heartache, and when things do not go your way.

"Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore."

-Albert Einstein

Moon in Vishakha: The relationship with mother/comfort would be to give an ultimatum

Song Lyric: "You could get with this, or you could get with that."

Song: The Choice is Yours

Artist: Black Sheep

Your mental health would be connected with black or white thinking. Remember that "the trickster" archetype sits at the crossroad and our boundaries, and so too does Hecate (the goddess of witchcraft).

Black or white thinking in psychology is known as "splitting". Splitting is a common defense mechanism. Splitting is also linked with perfectionism. Work on ambivalence in thought. In Italian, the work "perfecto" means "complete". Work on completing your projects to the best of YOUR ability. You do not have to be perfect, and neither does what you produce out in the world.

It is OK to feel unsure about things. No one is asking you to have an answer or make a choice except for you. Be kinder to yourself, so then you can be kinder to others. The only thing that we know for sure is that we don't know everything.

You may have bipolarity or borderline personality disorder tendencies. Watch out for getting stuck in a rabbit hole that proves you are better than others, or that others are better than you. "Us vs Them" mentality also falls under black or white thinking.

Moon in Anuradha: The relationship with mother/comfort would try to be your best friend

Quote: "I'm not like a regular mom. I'm a cool mom."

Character: Regina George's Mom

Movie: Mean Girls

Your emotions are not your best friend. If we only did things when we "felt" like it, the world would be a tumultuous place. This type of world would be much like a mars in cancer, or how the patriarchy views women leaders (and how the patriarch thinks women make their decisions).

Your emotions, and your reasons for doing things, must be examined, studied, and disciplined. Take the time to get to know WHY you do certain things. Take off the blindfold, do some deep reflecting, and see yourself clearly.

Additionally, being best friend with your emotions/comfort would be a betrayal to the growth and independence of the individual. This type of warping in the relationship could lead to petty battles, and warfare due to not respecting human nature.

You might consistently fight back with the motherly figures in your life. The mother archetype is to cling. Start looking at the pattern and work on letting go of the personal experience. It is up to you to build the life you want to take part in, stop blaming the ones around you. See them as reflections as to what you can offer yourself. See them as the shadow that you can integrate smoothly with time, care, and compassion.

We must all leave the comfort of the nest eventually.

Notice how much pent up anger and aggression Regina George's character had in Mean Girls. Notice how much she wanted to control others. This partly came from the relationship with her mother. Find an outlet, like Regina and rugby. Your outlet should allow for you to release your pent up anger and aggression. You might have had to experience a lot of control when you were younger. You might have been "adultified" as a child (notice how "adult" Regina is and how her little sister is dancing provocatively when we first meet her in the film).

Do not take your childhood out on others. Do not use your power and energy to try to control and manipulate others. You do not need to have a group of people that worship you in order to have contentment. You are powerful, use your power wisely.

You might have ADHD tendencies. Training the mind with a physical activity can help create balance in the mind and body.

Moon in Jyestha: The relationship with mother/comfort is competitive (business-oriented), status driven, entitled & full of unexamined ego

Quote: "They say even the proudest spirit can be broken... with love."

Character: The Other Mother

Movie: Coraline

Under Construction

Final Thoughts & Next Steps:

A debilitated moon in this life, might show that in the past life you tried to be a comfort to others at the detriment of yourself. In this life, you must honor your entire ego self. There is more to you than how others view you. Your comfort and alone time matter. The moon in scorpio is ruled by Mars. You came here in this lifetime to fight for your emotional comfort. But fighting for comfort is paradoxical. Your Mars and its sign placement, might help guide you towards what helps you feel comforted and secure.

Go deep inside, embrace the hermit, spend time alone, and find your inner light. Who are you when no one else is around? Who are you when you are not trying to impress anyone? Do you like that person? Do you like yourself? Can you stand spending an entire day alone? These are your lesson in this life time. Go into the cave, and don’t be afraid of what you find, because what you will find is just your own mind/emotional awareness.

Next Steps for Scorpio Moons:

Research secure attachment theory, relational aggression, cult of personality, and “feet made of clay”.

Create art, write poetry, journal, play sports, go to escape rooms alone, do yoga, do meditation, find a teacher for pranayama (breathing exercises), go outside and touch the grass, go to the library, research something you love, do whatever you can to process your emotions, but stop trying to run away from yourself.

No matter how dark or light, no matter how gross or unkempt, harness the power of your entire ego-self - the light and the dark. This is not an excuse to be a bad person who hurts/harms other. After all, you are only hurting yourself when you are hurting others.

Research the 8 Limbs of Yoga for further knowledge on how to not harm others.

Tarot Cards for further introspection:

  • Strength

  • The Hermit

  • The Moon

  • The High Priestess

  • The Empress


"I am valuable."

I do not need others to give me value. I am valuable because I exist. My existence matters because I have breath. I use my breath to nourish myself first. Then, only when I feel my cup is full, can I use my breath to nourish others. I am valuable.

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